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Based in Bloemfontein, Free State and Working throughout South Africa.

Welcome to Web-Adcomp, your SEO agency and website design company in Bloemfontein, and South Africa.

We are exited to become your partners in online growth, in fact, we are eager to start.

Offering a wide range of online solutions suited for your needs. These services are available throughout South Africa. 

Firstly, our services covers website design, SEO as well as graphic design. Then  we also offer logo design, hosting, and domain management.

Our core belief?  To build lasting partnerships of course. We’re not only focused on immediate outcomes but we are also committed to looking after your digital offerings over time. 

Granted that a beautiful website is vital. But we are well aware that without a doubt showing up on Google is most important. Without doubt, our expertise lies in shaping strategies that boost your search rankings. After all, a fantastic website is futile if potential clients can’t find you on Google. Finally, we sincerely value your visit and are excited to team up. In the end, we are here to drive the all-round growth of your online business.

Our Core Services

Website Design

In Brief, with our website design service, we aim to get your business noticed online. Therefore we offer clean and Beautiful website designs, built to your specifications using the WordPress Content Management System. WordPress being one of the largest CMS's out there makes it future proof.


In addition, with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service, we aim to get your website noticed by Google. Now, Google accounts for over 90% of online searches. Therefore it makes sense that ranking higher on Google, will certainly increase traffic to your website.

Graphic Design

Furthermore, with our graphic design service, we aim to create memorable and unique brand identities. After all, your logo is the one image that distinguishes you from your competition. We will naturally assist in designing the perfect brand representation. It is never too late to start building your brand.

About This Website Design Company

To sum up, our design and SEO team consists of 8 team members. They are spread between Bloemfontein and Gauteng, yet work together with great efficiency. Despite the team having over 20 years of combined experience, the passion is still growing. 

In addition - Our Mission:

Always, our mission is to build long lasting relationships with our website design and SEO clients. In addition, through effective communication we aim to build a thriving online presence.

And Also Our Vision:

Here at Web-Adcomp, our vision is to become a global leader in providing the best digital services. And so, our vision is to build the most unique web design and marketing agency. As a result we aim to improve our client’s productivity and business strength.


Here Is Some Of Our Current Clients.


Bluestream Water

Firstly, A Production Application.

Secondly, a Website Redesign.

And Finally, also an SEO package.

Production Application, Web Design and SEO.

Following a discussion with Bluestream Water, we have built a production and ordering web application for them. We are excited to announce that we will also rebuild their website.

yokwe logistics logo

Yokwe Logistics

Primarily A New Website.

Additionally also  SEO services.

Web Design and SEO.

Mr. Yokwe approached us, to primarily build a one page web site for now. Furthermore, he also asked that we include a basic SEO package.


Guardi Child

Website launched in November 2023, have a look at

Website Design

To demonstrate our passion for giving to the community, we agreed to assist Guardi Child to build their website. This is a non profit organization helping children in need, despite their own needs. After all, when children cannot speak for themselves, someone has to.

Choose This Web Design Company Because:

Most importantly, we will deliver the best solution based on your needs and budget.

We are truly aware of your budget considerations. Thus we are eager to work together in planning a strategy that fits seamlessly with your financial resources. We recognize that navigating the present economic landscape can be hard. That is often making the immediate establishment of a comprehensive online presence a challenging achievement. However, fear not. For our unwavering dedication and steadfast approach are poised to lead us toward crafting the ideal online presence. Now we take it one step at a time.

Therefore, rest assured that as we embark on this journey, Google will become well-acquainted with your website. Google will soon become an ally in funneling potential clients directly to your virtual doorstep. Despite the financial constraints at hand, our central mission remains steadfast: to steer you towards your envisioned online goals. All while staying true to the monthly budget parameters you have set forth.

Now chose this website design company today, and grow your visibility. The time is NOW! Later Becomes Never.

Are you ready for online growth too?

Because, we always are!


The next step is to get started. This website design company is ready to collaborate when your are!

To conclude. When partnering with Web-Adcomp, we are not simply building your online empire. We are also working together to achieve success. In other words, your success is our success. After all, when you thrive, we thrive. We are proud of the work we do, after all, and we guarantee that you will be too. 

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